Monday, February 07, 2005

The commercials at this year's Super Bowl provided some good ads, but also some real duds. Here is the Ad-Meter from USA Today.

Mediocre Ads: Any car ad or movie trailer sucks. You can't be funny about cars and we've seen all the trailers before. What was with Frozen Mustang Driver? If his head fell apart or something, that would have helped. Couldn't he have thawed by the THIRD time it was shown?

Good Ads:

NFL Network: Jon Gruden yelling at his kids was unbelievably funny. They used my motto: "Monkeys make me laugh. Monkeys in clothes make me laugh harder." to the fullest.

Anheuser-Busch: Funny when the pilot jumped out of the plane for Bud Light. Cedric was weak, except for the designated driver bit.

Ameriquest Mortgage: Cell-phone guy getting tazered and the cat in the spaghetti sauce were good.

Olympus: That was a cool ad for the music player.

O2Optix: Second female shown...I am in love.

FedEx: Burt Reynolds and the bear.

Nationwide: MC Hammer.

Dumb Ads:

Pepsi: P.Diddy and the truck. Ugh. Even the iTunes ones were lame. I will say Cindy Crawford still looks good.

Silestone Countertops: Chicago sports guys for "I am Diana Pearl."

Subway: Maybe if Jared was in that car.

Strange Ads:

Degree: Mama's Boy!! I have no idea who approved this one. Check out Mama's hands when she is pushing the cart. Connected at the waist does not mean face-to-face.

Napster: They spent $2.80 on production of a $2.8 million dollar ad.

Lay's: MC Hammer. Not sure why he gets tossed back over the fence. Or what that has to do with chips.

Meal of Links

I missed the SAG Awards the other night. Here are the acceptance speeches that I missed.

I defy anyone to tell me that Paul McCartney was singing live at the Super Bowl. Only his "Thank you, Super Bowl" (Mr. Bowl, whoever you are) type comments were even close to being live.

That ad was actually supposed to run twice during the Super Bowl. Thanks Fox, for being my moral compass.

Exercise Yard

I thought the Super Bowl was an OK game. Boy, I'll never doubt T.O. again. We non-athletes sometimes underestimate a guy's will to win. The game was not even as close as the score indicated. Let's face it, "Nikki Cappelli" ( commercial) dominated the first quarter. Donovan McNabb had two early turnovers taken back, one by replay and another by penalty. He didn't have a good game. But the Patriots dominated offensively from the second quarter until late in the 4th, when they took two three-and-outs. The score would have been higher, had not Brady fumbled inside the Eagles 10 in the second quarter. Apparently the Eagles were so good this year, they forgot how to run a two-minute offense. Maybe they never used it, but that last, long TD drive took way too much time.


7 Down: Filmdom's Preminger (4 letters) Answer: Otto

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